Do you like your life a little bubbly?

Lots of drinks are carbonated, some naturally and others artificially. Beer and kombucha are naturally carbonated because of the fermentation process. But then there’s soda water. We pump so much carbon dioxide into the water that it can’t stay there, and it bubbles out. Soda companies mix that together with sugar and other things to get pop, which we have heard at least once that too much soda is bad for you. But that’s mostly due to the sugar, what about the other half, the water part?

club sodastevepb

There are some rumors going around that soda water is bad for you, it decays teeth, breaks down bones and even makes you fat! But what’s the actual science behind this?

Starting with tooth decay. You may have heard that the acids in carbonated water break down the enamel on your teeth, but if you’re drinking plain ol’ carbonated water then there’s no problem. Sodas, including diet soda, and certain sweetened carbonated beverages (like Sparkling Ice) will have citric or acetic acid in them, which DOES break down tooth enamel. Check the ingredients for citric acid or acetic acid. The sugars in soda also cause tooth decay. This is because sugar is food for the good bacteria in your mouth; they eat the sugars stuck to your teeth and break down your teeth (which you may have already known if you’ve  ever had a cavity filled after Halloween).


So it’s the added things that break down teeth, but your bones aren’t exposed to the same things your teeth are, so how are those affected by carbonated water? It’s the same problem, you have to look at the things added in. Turns out, the phosphorous in colas  causes the calcium to leach out of the bones, not the carbonated water part. Phosphorous is mainly found in colas, so if you’re worried about osteoporosis, best try and avoid those.

Lastly, will carbonated water make you fat? It may make you a bit bloated from the extra air in your stomach, but water and carbon dioxide will not make you fat. It is important to note, however that club soda has salt in it. If you eat more salt, you’ll end up dehydrated and may end up mistaking thirst for hunger. Bottom line, have a glass of water after after each carbonated drink to stop this from happening.

And since it’s getting hot out, try this strawberry basil lime spritzer to stay refreshed when it’s absolutely balmy outside.



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